Audio Visual Sound Engineers Insurance

Audio Visual Sound Engineers Insurance

Are you looking for Audio Visual Sound Engineers Insurance?

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Why do you need AV Sound Engineers Insurance? 

There are many considerations when taking out Audio Visual (AV) Sound Engineers Insurance. You are responsible for the safety and workmanship of all your staff and sub-contractors, even if they have their own insurance in place. If anything were to happen, the legal paper work can be overwhelming as well as the cost, which, without the correct insurance in place, could put you out of business. 
As well as protecting your employees, you also need to protect yourself and your assets. When taking on large scale or commercial work, you are exposing yourself to claims to damage, injury and loss of income from your clients if you were at fault for a mistake or accident. You may have done nothing wrong, but while the case is being disputed, you need to have the right cover in place to protect your business. 
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What cover does AV Sound Engineers Insurance provide?

There are four key insurance cover components provided within our specialist policy, with numerous extensions and excess layers of cover available, ensuring we can tailor a cover specifically suitable for your business:
Professional Indemnity - As part of your business, you offer professional advice to clients regarding their sound and communication technology needs. Professional Indemnity Insurance provides cover against any claims brought alleging that the advice was in some way incorrect. Cover starts at £100,000 and can be tailored to your precise requirements. 
Public Liability - Covers your legal liability to pay damages to to members of the public for death, bodily injury or damage to their property which occurs as a result of your business activities. Standard cover under the policy is for £5m, and this can be extended under an "excess layer" to suit your precise requirements.
Employers Liability - Can meet the costs of compensation for injuries, illness or death caused to employees as a result of their work for you. If you employ anyone working in the UK then it is a requirement by law to have Employers Liability Insurance. Employers Liability Insurance became a legal requirement in 1972 as a direct result of the 1969 Employers Liability Act. If you employ anyone outside of the UK then you need to check whether that country has any laws in place regarding Employers Liability. 
Business Equipment and Tools - As an engineer, you will have items of specialist equipment and tools that will be valuable to your business and could stop you performing your job if they were to break or go missing. We can cover these as relevant you your precise requirements.
Optional extensions on:
Fleet Insurance - If you have two or more vehicles that are used in the business, they can be covered under the policy where applicable.
Directors and Officers - Purchased through the company, Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance protects the personal assets of directors and executive officers and can meet their legal costs.
Offices / Premises - If you operate the business from offices, whether rented or owned, they can be covered.
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Why compare AV Sound Engineers Insurance with Needham Insurance?

Needham Commercial Insurance Services can save you time and money on your Audio Visual (AV) Sound Engineers Insurance. We compare the insurance policies of all the main commercial insurance companies to find you the right cover at the right price.
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