Business Insurance Package

Business Insurance Package

A Business Insurance Package could save you time and money by housing a number of covers into one easy to manage policy document.

If, like many small businesses, you need a range of covers, a package policy may be the most efficient way forward. Read this guide to understand:
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What does a Business Insurance Package do?

You may need a variety of different policies to cover the range of risks faced by your small business.This can make make arranging your Business Insurance a real hassle. With so many different kinds of cover available it can be hard work sorting out what you really need, let alone getting quotes for it all. A Business Insurance Package combines the insurance a business typically needs into one convenient policy. This is sometimes referred to as a 'Commercial Combined' policy.

Why Compare Business Insurance Packages with Needham Commercial Insurance Services?

The Needham Insurance website has been designed to take the legwork out of finding the right Business Insurance Package for your business. With us you can compare business insurance quotes for a range of packages from the UK's leading commercial insurance companies.
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What Cover Does a Business Insurance Package Provide? 

A Business Insurance Package makes a number of different covers available through a single policy. Most of the covers in the policy are available on an optional basis so you can pick and choose the elements of cover that are right for you and your business.
Typically a package will offer:
  • Employers Liability insuranceIf your business has employees then Employers liability insurance (EL) is a compulsory insurance policy. Employers Liability  insurance provides cover for compensation claims should an employee suffer any physical injury or death, while working for your business.  
  • Public Liability Insurance: Public Liability insurance covers you for claims made by members of the public as a result of injury or damage to them, or their property, caused by your business. It also covers legal fees and other expenses incurred when defending a claim.  See the Public Liability insurance page for more details.
  • Tools Cover: If you run your own business and rely on your tools for your income, then this part of the policy will cover the tools you use against theft or damage.  If your tools are stolen then tool insurance will cover the cost of replacing them allowing you to get back to work as soon as possible.
  • Business Contents Cover: Contents insurance covers your business against damage or loss to your stock, machinery and contents. Anything the business needs to function properly should be covered by a contents insurance policy. You can find more details about this cover on our Contents insurance page.
  • Legal Expenses: Your business may find itself involved in a legal dispute such as an employment tribunal or as a result of a tax or VAT investigation.  Legal Expenses insurance covers the legal costs (barristers and solicitors' fees and expenses, the cost of expert witnesses and court costs) incurred when defending an action against your business.
Some insurer's packages may not offer all of these types of cover, so as always it pays to look at the policy details when comparing business insurance quotes.   
Compare Business Insurance Packages here. Alternatively, if your requirements are more complex or you want the peace of mind that comes from having a professional broker look over your needs, submit an enquiry here or call us on 02476 326 213.

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