Tradesman Insurance

Tradesman Insurance

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This section covers Tradesmen Insurance and includes the following information:

What does Tradesmen Insurance do?

Sometimes called ‘Commercial Combined Insurance’, Tradesmen Insurance packages 
bring together the different kinds of insurance cover that you might need as a 
professional tradesperson in one policy. 
Typically, Tradesmen Insurance will cover you against any injury caused to your 
customers or the public or damage caused to their property as a result of your work. It 
will cover your employees against accident, injury (or heaven forbid) death sustained 
while working for you. It may also cover you for lost or damaged tools, and cover against trade materials or products letting you down and causing expensive reparations. (See cover section for more information).
Needham Insurance Services provides tradesmen insurance from different providers so you can decide which one best suits your needs. Get a quote  by contacting us here or call on 02476 326 213.

Why is Tradesmen’s Insurance needed? 

As a professional tradesperson, it makes sense to protect your business and your 
customers from mishaps, accidents and failed equipment, products or services. Mistakes do happen and they can be extremely costly.
  • The under-floor heating that fails after you’ve installed it
  •  An electrical fire in a customer’s premises
  • A lounge flooded
  • Even a hair product that accidentally leaves your customer with a purple afro or
  • A carelessly placed bucket that trips a passer-by.

All these and more can be insured against with Tradesmen Liability Insurance, so if the worst does happen, it doesn’t take your business with it.

In addition, some insurance is a legal requirement. If you have employees, even if they are contractors or casual labourer’s rather than permanent employees, you must have Employers Liability Insurance.
If you bid for contracts with larger firms, councils or other contractors, many will make 
insurance a condition of awarding the job. 

Who is a 'Tradesmen’?

Tradesmen Insurance covers all the main building trades as you might expect, plus lots of other trades. Builders, carpenters plasterers, painters and decorators, electricians and plumbers & heating engineers will all benefit. So too will other small businesses like motor traders, cleaners, caterers and beauty therapists to name but a few.

What cover does a Tradesman Insurance buy?

Every policy is different. With Needham Commercial Insurance Services you can get a quote from more than one provider and then decide which is most relevant to your business.Typically, Tradesmen Insurance will include product, Public and Employers Liability Insurance to provide significant protection should the worst happen, plus additional options:
  • cover for stolen or lost tools 
  • cover for plant and hired-in plant
  • personal injury 
  • and loss or damage to your business premises for example. 

​You can even get cover against costly tax inspections. You should check each individual policy so that you are aware of what is and is not covered for your particular circumstance.

Does a Small Business Need Tradesmen Insurance? 

Most small businesses and sole traders are hugely vulnerable to unforeseen accidents and mishaps. Tradesmen Insurance will ensure that you are covered and may also help you to get a better sleep each night.
Tradesmen Insurance isn’t just for the building trades. Also called ‘Commercial Combined Insurance’ it’s ideal for sole traders and small businesses in anything from gardening and window cleaning to mobile hairdressing and catering. 
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How Much Tradesmen Cover Will My Business Need?

The amount of cover you need totally depends on your individual business and the likely risks you may encounter. It may also depend on the kind of work you do. 
A minimum of £1m in Public Liability cover is normal. Some customers or clients may 
insist on a higher level before they will allow you to work with them, or work on their 
premises. If you have employees a minimum of £5m Employers Liability Cover  is required by law. 
The amount of cover you might need for tools, plant and other options needs some 
thought. It’s easy to underestimate how valuable your kit is until it has gone missing and you have the bill for replacements. Make sure you have a good think before you settle on what level of tradesmen insurance cover is right for you.
 Get a quote by contacting us here or call on 02476 326 213 to discuss your needs further.

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